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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A day at the snow

Alarm goes off at 6am Sunday "sigh just another 20 minutes I say" next minute blankets were thrown off (now I no khow how the kids feel when i do it to them)

Leaving Melbourne was 5c (41F) was expecting a top temp of 12c (52F) for the day.

First stop petrol, followed by a debate on the direction we were going.. I lost, if we went my way we were heading to the beach dont think we would have found much snow

2nd stop - Breafast at MacDonalds

3rd stop - Buy fresh rolls for lunch (salad and meat prepared the night before)


Fourth Stop - Marysville last town you go through till you start climbing the mountain
The kids getting all decked out in there Waterproof Snow gear.

Getting Closer - temp had dropped to 2c (36F) was beautiful road side views couldnt see much past there as it was very foggy as you can see in the photo.

Then we Arrive Temp has dropped to -1.5c (27F), It was snowing when we arrived which i was very pleased to see as I've never experienced it. The kids had a great day as did Colin & I.

Was hard work walking up the slopes, was a great day but was glad when we were in th car with the heaters on.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007


What do you Remember?

I went to school 1974 - 1986 , Let me see first things first would have to be school holidays.

(that was very important when we were kids)
There were 3 terms a year and had 3 lots of major holidays.
Christmas (6 weeks)
end of Term 1 (2 weeks)
end of Term 2 (2 weeks)
end of term 3 was xmas holidays
A few public holidays plus easter and the occational Curricum day.

Punishment - Detention after school
(phew no straps and rulers in my days thank goodness)
My sisters and brother would have had a sore backside but not me ...hehehe

Normal subjects - English, Maths, Geography, History, Libarary, Woodworks, Art.

Reports were easy to read with a simple A B C D E and F

The Fun musicals, school dances and Camps. Looked forward to Clean up days so can come to school out-of-uniform.

Yep the good old days our parents told us, but we knew better couldnt wait to see the back of school. (how wrong were we)

All those things we swore as kids we wouldn't do to our children, I have used all that plus some on my kids..LOL



School Holidays

4 sets of holidays - xmas, term 1, 2 & 3 then 4th Term and the normal easter and public school holidays.

"What The" Pupil Free day, Report Writing days, curriculm days, interview days + more..

Report - Dont go there (need to go back to school to understand them).