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EIGHT IS ENOUGH: October 2007


Saturday, October 20, 2007


From Left - Liam, Kara & Timothy
Liam was very unsure of these Men, but Tim and Kara
wrapped to have there photo taken with these Firemen

The Kids got to go in the Fire Engine and press many buttons,
they had things flashing, beeping and not to forget the siren's.

Nanny enjoying all the shows and exhibits that were available.

What's a county show without animals,
Liam holding a little Puppy and dad wouldnt let him take him home.
(there was a notice outside the puppies free to a good home)
What a party pooper Dad!!
Timothy loved the animal exhibit,
Baby Crocodiles, Lizards,
Snakes, Turtles.

Bumper Cars - Timothy and Kara having a ball
bumping into anything and everybody.

The Jumping Castle. Tim, Kara & Liam being left behind at the bottom.

Colin and the Kids went up for a ride in a helicopter,
myself and nanny kept our feet firmly on the ground.

All Buckled in and ear muffs on.
According to Dad they were very nervous didnt move
or talk through the whole flight.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Was a great day, plenty of food, alcohol (naturally) and most of all good company, for those who were unable to make it, always next year. :)
1st prize went to Marc
and to top it of on the day he managed to
pick the inhouse bet (winner and the Margin).
2nd prize went to Christine
The Girls CournerThe Boys Courner plus Leeanne & StephThe Young(er) ones :)The Kids had a ball too.