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Monday, May 26, 2008


Im not the best for words but here it goes, I met Megan when I was around 5 and Megan would have been 3 on the slopes of our driveways in Viewbank.

Here are a few things we used to get up to -

Both Megan and I had swimming pools but mine was unfortunaly always cold being in the shade covered by trees and a carport. We always used to run into my pool then run into Megan's pool to get warm (which was like a hot bath) and we used do the best whirley pools.

(I do have a photo of those lovely peacock bathers Megan but thought hmmm you would kill

Collecting Alliminum cans from being at the footy with mum and dad all day, Megan and I used to sit out the front and hammer like 100's of cans to nothing with the occational sand thrown into some to make them a little heavier when it came to cashing them in for cash.

Plenty of sleepovers, rollerskating and the best Tennis as we got older. We got coached then of to competitive tennis where we played together till Megan moved to Darwin which didnt stop us being friends.

Here are a few photos .

Here is Megan posing for the camera

We definately had our differences ...

Carlton supporter (afl football)

Megan (Left) and I

Barracking for the best team around Richmond naturally (afl football)

My 2 bestfriends growing up Donna (middle) and Megan (Right) and yours truly on the Left.

Megan's 21st Party

In 2006 was time to catch up again, Flew up to Darwin where we had a lovely day at the races.

2008 Megan came to Melbourne with her daughters Brittany & Bailey.

Liam, Brittany & Bailey about to enjoy a day at the Melbourne Zoo.

Megan and I enjoying a few drinks and a catch up. (2008).

Thirty-four years on and friendship still strong as ever

Your the Best Megan thankyou for being a true friend.