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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Timothy (7) & Kara (4) have been having swimming lessons for awhile now. Timothy & Kara can not wait to go up to Nanny's at summer time to swim in the pool.

Liam (3) his very first swimming lesson - waiting patiently for his swimming lesson to start

Liam was very hesitant about what he was suppose to do, but the instructor wasnt overly fussed as they like the little ones to get to know and trust them first.

Kara learning water safety with her instuctor, Kara has come along way, theres noway you would have got her head under water now I cant keep her out of the water, a bit nerve racking for me but im getting used to it

Timothy is doing well accationally gets told of for doing bombs in the pool but boys will be boys.
Timothy believes he doesnt need his floaties this summer.. is he in for a shock!!!


Learning to swim is a vital skill for all ages, especially children.

Ensuring your child receives quality teaching is important because larning to swim is a skill for life. Having your child "learn to swim" by a qualified teacher will ensure they are provided with appropriate skills.

However water familiarisation is no subsitutute for adult supervision. Rember, always keep watch when children are in and around water.
1. Never leave small children unsupervised- even for a few seconds.
2. Put Fencing around the pool area to keep people from using the pool without your knowledge.
3. Keep children away from pool filters as the suction force may injure them or prevent them from surfacing.
4. Be sure all pool users know how to swim. Learners should be accompanied by a good swimmer.
5. Dont swim alone or allow others to swim alone.
6. Check the pool area reguarly for glass bottles, toys or other potentional accident hazards.
7. Dont allow anyone who has been drinking alcohol to use the pool.
8. Keep CD players radios and other electrial devices away from pools and nearby wet surfaces.
9. Stay out of the pool during rain and lightning storms.
10. Never dive into water before checking the water depth before plunging into an pool.


  • At 07 October, 2006, Blogger Jeanette said…

    HI Joanne
    lovely photo's of the kids swimming lessons and a good post on water safety looks like Liam will be in the pool when you come up at xmas
    take care love mumxxxxxx

  • At 07 October, 2006, Blogger Gazza said…

    Looks like the little tackers are enjoying themselves, look out Nan.
    Kids morning, afternoon , and evening in the pool... Better stock up on the floaties and the sun screen

  • At 08 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Joanne, Thanks for your comments
    I am glad you liked the sound of the recipe. I have another just for you as they don't seem to like lamb in the US.
    Get some chump chops and place in roasting pan, sprinkle with Fr.Onion Soup and put a good dob of butter on each chop. Cover & cook about an hour.
    I hope the family enjoy their swimming
    lessons, good post about safety in the water. Take care, Cheers, Merle.

  • At 08 October, 2006, Blogger Bossy‚ô•'s YOU said…

    my kids love to swim..but winter is fast appraoching so i am afraid all our swimming days are over...

    cute kids too:)

    thanks for stopping by, and please come by again.

  • At 08 October, 2006, Blogger Cazz said…

    Hey sis,

    Great photos and an excellent post. Water safety is just so darn important, and even thou it is stressed so much in schools, on TV and radio, the little ones still continue to drown. PLEASE never turn your backs on any child in or near water, I know Jo want, and if she does theres always a back up lookout !!!

    Once again sis, great post. My heart is with you on this special w/e
    Love always

  • At 08 October, 2006, Blogger DellaB said…

    Hi Jen, I visited my son, daughter-in-law and only grandchild who live in Sydney, and one of the 'outings' Amanda and I had was to take the baby (she's 2) for a swimming lesson.

    Somebody had over-booked the class so there were about 20 kids and their parents instead of what should have been 10. But it was just fine, the instructor and her helpers were fantastic, very noisy and lots of signing and movement, but everybody had a great time. I hadn't known what these classes were like so I really enjoyed being there.

    thanks for the memory......

  • At 08 October, 2006, Blogger DellaB said…

    oops, that should be 'singing' not 'signing' .. sorry


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