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EIGHT IS ENOUGH: Look Out Mum .. Here We Come !!!


Monday, September 18, 2006

Look Out Mum .. Here We Come !!!

Decided to visit mum during the kids school holidays. So up we got, packed the bags, and the car and headed off for your marathon 3hr trip. As Haden has just recently got his "Learners Driving Permit" , and after some nagging from him, I let Haden drive, thinking its highway travel and would be good experience for him. So trying to remain calm and not panic.. as mothers do, we were off and on our way. We experienced one small incident, with me yelling at the other bloody impatient driver who was clearly in the wrong .. I'm giving them the "bird (middle finger salute)", pointing to the "L" plates .. generally doing what I would have told him off for if he had of done so !!! But to his credit, he kept his cool, and handled things well. I might give him a new nic name though "LEAD FOOT ANGUS' had to pull him back a few times but overall he did great. Well we arrived safe and sound, got out the car, kissed the ground and got myself a stiff drink ....LOL !!!!

The kids drove me mental "are we there yet?" ... "are we there yet?"... after a while patient mum yells... "does it look like we are there yet", I had the kid nagging me, a lead foot when i wasnt watching... what a journey and we gotta get home yet.

Timothy(7), Kara(4) & Liam (3) were very happy to arrive at nan's with heaps of cuddles and kisses and not to mention a few lollies and chocolate frogs (I did question to make sure she did chocolate coat that lovely froggie in the spinach leaves packet)

Soon as we arrived I could smell the aromal of a lovely roast lamb cooking (good one mum), then the kids wanted to run inside and put there swimmers on, even though mum put on the solar heating system on the day before, the water is still a bit to chilly.. tomorrow on the other hand is going to be a lovely 27c.

Am of to visit my sister Donna, nephew and nieces tomorrow whilst mum goes and plays her pennant bowls, I think I'am banned from taking the kids down to the bowls to watch... mum says the kids might be a bit distracting ... I mean geeeee .... does she mean the kids would be loud and boisterous ... NOOO.. not my little cherubs ... hmmmm yeah right!!!!

Anyway am going to go and enjoy a lovely roast, will have some photo's to share later in the week.

Take Care
Joanne (Litttle Jen)


  • At 18 September, 2006, Blogger Gazza said…

    Hey!!! thats enough of the fancy stuff (kids photos album). Looks like I'm dragging my feet in this blogging caper..

    I hope you and the kids are having fun.

  • At 18 September, 2006, Blogger Gwen said…

    Great photo's darls you are doing well for a beginner.
    See Ya!!

  • At 18 September, 2006, Anonymous Peter said…

    Hi Joanne, hope you all have a pleasant visit in Yarrawonga.

  • At 20 September, 2006, Blogger Jim said…

    Hi Little Jen -- I sort of remember those days. It still is good to have the kids drive when they will. You will get to liking it a lot.
    Your blog is doing good!

  • At 25 September, 2006, Blogger Gazza said…

    C'mon Scruff, looks like someone is dragging her feet...

  • At 01 October, 2006, Blogger DellaB said…

    Well done Jen, for letting Haden drive. It must have been really hard. I still have a problem and my kids are 41 and 33!

    You write so well, I was right there with you on your visit with the kids to mums, could taste the roast.

    thank you


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